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Innisbrooke Project

Just on the Carolina line lies the beautiful Marvin region where you'll find luxury homes encompassed with luscious, mature landscaping. Our amazing clients moved from the Southend region of Charlotte, and were in need of help with their powder room, wine bar, primary bathroom, and outdoor addition. The goal was to blend classic elements & fun moments within custom details throughout. Read on to learn how we showcased their fun personalities while honoring the nature of the community.


Although we love curating "with" our clients, this couple gave us complete control which made for a fun and exciting process. Starting with the bar and powder room; where one was dull & generic and the other non-existent. Both areas were perfect locations to have fun & showcase their lively personalities, so we took full advantage.

Tucked away near the garage, the powder room is now a hidden little gem ready to greet guests with a lively experience. Time spent in here is meant to be private; however, we're positive their guests will smile while using this space.

The existing wall mirror was worth keeping; however, everything else had to go. The custom floating vanity was built by our client's father, and we paired it with a classic marble countertop with a 3" mitered edge. The scalloped detail on the backsplash beautifully compliments the fun frame around the mirror. To further enhance this wallpaper, we painted the dramatic baseboards, crown, & casing a saturated teal color.


The new wine bar is just off of the kitchen; therefore, the aesthetic had to compliment the warm undertones within the existing finishes. We were given a beautiful foundation with creamy cabinets and Taj Mahal quartzite countertops. The goal was to curate a high end design with subtle drama and pizzazz.

The client's father also built the bar cabinetry, and we partnered with our local trades to source the antique mirrored backsplash & granite countertop. The speckled mirror, leathered granite, & brass railing provides the perfect level of pizzazz & the decorative hardware is the perfect finishing touch.



The primary bathroom was a complete overhaul with all new selections and finishes. The floorplan provided great bones; however, there was missed opportunity towards storage space and visual affects. With our clients' trust we used every square inch to maximize both variables.

To help this space feel larger we took advantage of the ceiling height around the vanities and the shower by installing custom height glass & mirrors. We wrapped both mirrors with a 90 degree return and included mirrored inserts in the upper tower. This creates the visual illusion of a larger space. We layered the sconces on top of the mirrors to maximize surface area.

Originally, the clients had their heart set on natural stained vanities; however, we took a chance with SW Lullaby & thanks to our renderings, we won them over. The soft coloration provides an elegant layer without overwhelming the overall space, which adds to the visual illusion of larger square footage.


The original plan was to include a frameless shower surround; however, following demolition a structural beam was exposed adding $5,000 to $8,000 to remove, and because of the existing budget our clients opted for an alternate design plan. With high end finishes, we were flirting with the top of the budget, so revising the shower without adding significant costs was a challenge.

The slanted ceiling pitch presented another challenge because of the angular ceiling. Ultimately, we agreed upon thickening the existing post & "framing" the existing structure with decorative marble trim to further enhance the surround. We kept the height as high as possible to help the shower appear larger. Tiling the slanted entry with decorative trim required a lot skill & patience from our installer. We're forever thankful for his willingness & patience towards the process. The marble trim beautifully complimented the existing selections without drastically driving up costs.

To further accent the shower we included an elongated vertical niche and mixed tile patterns for subtle yet impactful interest. We continued the floor tile into the shower to lengthen visual sightlines. The marble mosaic tiles and luxurious plumbing fixtures provide a classic and sophisticated finish suitable for an upscale primary bathroom.


The giant tub surround was a major nuisance both in form and function. Replacing it with a freestanding tub gained us two extra feet of floor space, which worked in our favor towards the wall mounted faucet and chandelier placement.

The wall tile surround beautifully serves dual purposes. It finishes off the newly opened area, and it protects the walls from potential splashing. The wall mounted faucet frees up the tight corners on either side of the tub allowing for an open & airy finish.


We are thrilled with the results of phase 1 of this project, and we anxiously await completion of phase 2 which includes their outdoor addition. These clients have been a joy to work with, and we're honored to play a small yet impactful role in the joy they now receive from their home. Stay tuned for the reveal of phase 2!


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