Our Design Services - New Construction

When given the opportunity to build a dream home, the process looks different for everyone. Although exciting, building a home from the ground up is a multi-layered process that comes with a multitude of choices and decisions.


The process can feel overwhelming leaving residents confused, anxious, and frustrated. These feelings shadow over the motivation and excitement clients should experience from start to finish. Whether building with a custom home builder and architect, or sourcing from a semi-custom builder, the process requires thorough collaboration and communication from a team of professionals ready to get the job done.


When building a new construction home clients must envision the finished product and work backwards to select each design element within the curation. Many people can point out individual selections and tell you why they love them, but they struggle in partnering these selections in a holistic curation and understand why certain selections work together and others do not. This is the value an interior designer brings to the table.

It is important to hire an interior designer at the beginning of the process, before making hard selections. Like any project, having a plan in place provides clarity and organization come time for the selection phase. Thankfully, we have developed a new construction service that provides just that!


Our new construction service is a streamlined service that alleviates unnecessary stress so residents can enjoy the process and relish in the beauty of their future home. With this service, Tyler Interiors coordinates and collaborates with the residents, builder, architect, and design studios to ensure every detail provides complimentary and cohesive flow between the exterior and interior finishes.

It is really important we meet with the residents prior to the selection process so we can collect detailed information regarding their building team, desired style and aesthetic, lifestyle, priorities and goals towards the new home, etc. This "homework" provides viable details which provides focus in making selections. The process of elimination provides a "lane" for the residents maximizing in time and efficiency, eliminating the potential of feeling overwhelmed.


Prior to selections, we conduct a personal consultation with the residents. For semi-custom homes, we meet in the model homes and coordinate the design meetings at the design center. For custom homes, we meet on the project site (if available) or at a central location to review building plans. We provide physical mood boards to discuss aesthetics and style. The complimentary mood board, along with additional handheld textile samples, are present at the design center meetings, or coordinating studios for custom homes.

We bring additional textile samples to help the residents understand the overall mood and feeling of their future home. We develop flat lays by pairing them with the hard selections. Upholstery and furnishings provide cozy layers in a home; therefore, these additional samples help the residents further envision the finished product.


Once hard selections are finalized, we communicate all selections to the residents and coordinating professionals with a professional detailed document. Once construction begins and framing is complete, we conduct routine site visits to oversee design installation. We ensure each detail is executed according to plan. As we all know, anything is possible with construction; therefore, potential revisions are also covered in our site visits.


New construction projects help dream homes a reality. From bare bones to beautiful furnishings, we provide an elevated systematized process allowing residents the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of their future home. From hard selections to the cozy layers within furnishings and soft goods, we confirm each detail providing our clients a full customized experience.