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Valentine's Day at Home

Whether formal romantic gestures or fun creativity activities, Valentine's Day is meant to be with the one or ones we love. A special day to communicate ALL love languages to the one(s) most important to us. Out of our love for all things home, we're sharing our curation of celebratory activities to enjoy within your four walls. Whether you're an intimate couple or an active family household, we've got something for everyone. Read on as we share our top 10 favorite Valentine's Day activities to enjoy in the coziness of your own home.


1. Breakfast in Bed: Whip up a beautiful and delicious breakfast board and hop back in bed to enjoy it together. Paired with yummy mimosas or juice of choice, this is the perfect start to the day!


2. Romantic Chef: Cook a romantic dinner together and enjoy it with a fine wine and candle light. Start earlier in the day by baking romantic desserts together. Baking is also a great activity to enjoy with your children.


3. Movie Night: Who doesn't love movie night!?! Watch a romantic movie or your favorite movie in special V-day pajamas. Enjoy a delicious fondue charcuterie board and fine wine to fulfill those Valentine's Day tastebuds.


4. At Home Spa Day: This option is sure to make your special person feel pampered. Who doesn't love a good spa day?!? A few essential items include a foot scrub, lotion, face masks, candles, and a lovely bubble bath. This is also fun to do as a family, minus the bubble bath. Ha!


5. Photo Frame Refresh: A fun an easy activity perfect for couples and families. Take silly or loving pictures of each other and pick your favorites to print and display around your home. Kids love playing with phones, so let them be the photographer!

6. Memory Lane: A homemade video of how you met and your favorite milestones guarantees a lot of love, laughs, and appreciation. This is a great way to reflect on your relationship and how far you've journeyed together in life, plus it's a beautiful keepsake for current or future kids.


7. Balloon Pop: Inflate a bundle of balloons with slips of paper inside. One at a time, pop each balloon and complete the task read on the slip of paper. Catch is you have to complete them together. Whether hot and spicy or fun and friendly, this activity is fun for all households.

8. Romantic Playlist: Dress up for each other and dance the night away! Put together a playlist of your favorite love songs and sweep each other off your feet, literally.


9. On The Hunt: If you want to get up and move, we're sure you'll enjoy a romantic scavenger hunt around the house. Whether hot and spicy or fun and friendly, this activity is perfect for any household. Be sure to gather materials and prep ahead of time.

10: Twister: Everyone loves Twister! Whether fun and flirty, or family friendly, this game is a great option to get up and have fun with your loved one(s).


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