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Mixing Metals

To mix or not to mix? It may not be the million dollar question, but it's an important question we ask ourselves in our studio all the time. Here at Tyler Interiors, we are big fans of mixing metals within hard finishes and furnishings, but we understand it isn't for everyone. Some people prefer consistency with a uniform finish throughout a space, while others prefer to mix and match. If mixing finishes brings a mix of emotions, we're here to provide a few tried and true tips to help get you over the hump.

Tip #1: Select two or three complimentary finishes, but no more than three. For beginners, selecting two finishes helps ease one into the transition. The key is to keep the coloration of the finishes consistent. Not all golds appear the same; therefore, ordering or purchasing samples to see them in person is a must.

In The Haire Haus Project, we used three different metals in the kitchen to help this space appear anything, but boring. Implementing a mix of metals provides depth and interest forcing the eye to keep moving throughout the space. The legs on the barstools compliment the down rods of the island pendants. The cabinet hardware is complimentary to the adorable black detail of the island pendants, and the consistency of stainless steel within the appliances stretches across the space.


Tip #2: If starting in larger areas is too intimidating, try mixing metals within furniture and décor. Replacing hardware on a piece of furniture is a quick and easy way to spruce up an existing piece.

Although this gorgeous blue credenza was a new purchase, we added a gold vase to this vignette, so the beautiful gold knobs weren't left standing alone. Although the buffet lamps are slightly lighter in finish (polished chrome), they compliment the metal detail in the frame of the wall mirror. The wall mirror is the mediator between the buffet lamps and the gold knobs.


Because they were in excellent condition, and because of the character of the home, we chose to reuse the cabinet hardware in The Classic Carriage Cottage Project. We replaced the previous island fixture with two elegant modernized pendants. Because these pendants are a different finish than the hardware, we included a modernized wall tile with gold detail above the cooktop.


Tip #3: When mixing metals make sure to balance out each selection throughout your space. You don't have to include them in every corner, but you need to include them in more than one area across a room.

For example, in our Plaza Midwood Project the drapery hardware and contemporary storage chests bring together the gold in the nesting tables and the black matte finish in the chandelier. The dark contrast provides depth without taking away from the light and bright feel of this space.


At Tyler Interiors we believe mixing metals provides interest and depth to keep a space from falling flat. It compliments a unique curation, which keeps the eye intrigued throughout a room. We hope these simple tips will help move you closer to mixing it up in your own home. Have fun with it friends! Don't be afraid... mix it up, mix it all the way up.

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