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Adding Greenery to Your Space

Greenery, the jene sais quoi of a room! What does this mean exactly? It's ability to fulfill the "I don't know what is missing" in your space. Greenery is a simple, yet effective way to liven up a curation. We believe it’s an area of investment worth entertaining.

Although negative space is necessary in allowing the eye to rest, greenery of larger scale acts as a filler without being a visual obstruction.

Shelf styling is another area to integrate greenery of smaller scale, such as small potted plants. When styling shelves, it's important to have a mixture of accessories varying in texture, height, and material.

When polishing off our styling details, we often add greenery or florals to free floating areas throughout a space; such as coffee tables, kitchen islands and console tables. This adds height and dimension to flat surfaces, and brings life to the finishing touches.

Are you lacking a green thumb these days? If so, don't sweat it. Busy lifestyles lend to little time in maintenance; therefore, faux plants are more commonly selected. We love including realistic faux plants in our styling. We partner with top quality vendors who make it difficult to tell the difference. This low maintenance, stress free alternative is a win win for everyone.

Whether real or faux, greenery is a must in all of our curations because it is the "I don't know what is missing". By breathing life into our curations, it brings the design home.

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